A Trip to Big Tree Country

I recently visited Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California. I have been fascinated with forests since reading The Hidden Life of Trees , which illuminates the intricate complexity of these ecosystems.

Sequoia is one of the oldest parks in the country and home to the giant trees that have made it famous. Sequoias are the largest organisms in the world and only grow on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at elevations above 4000 ft.

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A Snail’s View on Investing

安 弘一郎

In 1986, my grandfather, Koichiro Yasu (安 弘一郎) wrote a book about the origins of my family and Jyujiya Securities Co. Ltd., (十字屋証券) our family brokerage firm, which was originally started by my great grandfather, Tsunesaburo Yasu (安 常三郎), in 1924. Late in life, Koichiro was diagnosed with liver cancer and knew his remaining life was not long. Instead of going after his bucket list, he wrote a book to share his experiences with other family members and people in the brokerage industry. We privately published the book and distributed it at his funeral (so you won’t find it on Amazon). Read More >