Position: Intern

Position content: Learn our investing style with the Varecs analyst team


  • Interest in investing and asset management as a career
  • Independent, iconoclastic thinker
  • Good grades and high-status educational background are not required.
  • If you are interested in interning with us in the Summer, Winter or Spring, please contact us at info@varecs.com

Position: Equity Analyst

Job Duties: Research, analyze and present stock ideas. Develop relationships with senior managers of portfolio companies.


  • Long-term, value-based investment approach (ideally should be well versed in philosophies of Warren Buffett and others)
  • Independent, iconoclastic thinker
  • Enthusiasm for small cap equities
  • Japanese proficiency
  • Desire to work in a self-directed manner for small firm with a team-oriented approach
  • If you are interested in obtaining a position with us, contact us at info@varecs.com with your CV